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Naperville home for salePurchasing a home is an investment towards your future. Many prospective homeowners like the idea of buying a place that is older yet cheaper, to remodel and make their own, otherwise known as a fixer-upper. When it comes to purchasing your fixer-upper, there are many items one should consider before making an offer.

  • Time

They say time is money, which is why when purchasing a fixer-upper you should understand the time it takes to achieve your dream home. Remodeling a fixer-upper is no simple task. When considering buying a home, it is imperative to give yourself time to fix the items that need repairing and adding new construction to improve the layout of your space.

  • Budget

Although fixer-uppers are perfect for finding a bargain, older homes tend to have hidden problems within the structural foundation that could cause a financial burden. It is best to budget for unexpected costs that could arise during your renovation.

  • Home inspection

Requesting a comprehensive home inspection will allow you to have peace of mind before you make an offer. Home inspections check your future home for hidden issues such as water damage, unsecured wiring, and other structural integrity hazards. We recommend requesting a few home inspections from multiple companies to ensure no defects have been overlooked.

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Naperville house for saleWhen it comes to selling your home, there are many steps homeowners should take to increase the value of your home. At Bill White Homes, we believe in the importance of staging your home properly to allow potential buyers to envision themselves living in your home, increasing their chance to purchase. Check below to learn helpful tips to staging your home to sell.

  • Clearing clutter is a great start to staging your home. Although the furniture is imperative to decorating a home, too much furniture can clutter your space, leaving it to feel cramped and small. Keep essential pieces that create user-friendly spaces that showcase the room’s potential.
  • Impersonalize your space by taking down family photos and memorabilia. The goal of staging your home is to allow buyers to visualize their life in your space. Removing personal items will enable them to picture their life in the home, hopefully creating a positive experience to increase their chance of putting in an offer.
  • Ensuring your home lighting is bright, and welcoming is vital to staging your home. Adding beautiful light fixtures and high wattage bulbs will be an investment in the long run.
  • Painting your home neutral colors will increase the overall feel of your space by allowing it to feel peaceful and light.

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