Bill White Homes: the “and Mary” is silent in the name, but very much present in the key to the team’s success! Bill and Mary are high school sweethearts, having met in 1970 at St. Francis High School in Wheaton. They wed following their graduations from the University of Illinois and St. Mary’s College and have been married 46 years, and working together for 39 years.

Bill is a natural-born salesman and started his career in luggage and leather goods while Mary spent her time volunteering and raising their young children. After years on the road, Bill felt it was time to better pursue his most important job: fatherhood. Bill joined First United Realtors in Naperville and Bill White Homes was created. Thirty-six years later and Bill White Homes is as successful as ever, thanks to a tremendous amount of client loyalty.

In the early days of Bill White Homes in the 1980s, real estate was good old fashioned hard work–and this is the backbone of Bill White Homes to this day. To see new listings, Bill woke up early and drove around Naperville looking for new signs. MLS sheets were bound in a book that was updated bi-monthly, and shared between the office. No computer, Internet or cell phone–just a simple desire to hit the ground running every day. Offers were handled at the kitchen table, face-to-face between buyer, seller, and their brokers, with a pen and a handshake. Laptops make work more efficient today, but Bill and Mary still work just as hard.

Mary officially joined the team in 1984. Naturally adept at computers and technology, Mary made sure that Bill White Homes was one of the first with an email address! As a further competitive advantage, Mary learned basic graphics editing and built the team’s first website in the late 1980s. Mary continues to handle the ever-important “behind the scenes” aspects of the business.

Amidst growing their business into one of the top five brokerage teams in Naperville, Bill and Mary raised three children: Maggie, Bill Jr., and Bridget–and the whole family still lives within a short drive! Maggie and Lamont live in Columbia Estates, Bill Jr. and Kristen live in Huntington Estates, and Bridget and Tony live in North Plainfield. Bill and Mary have lived in the Cress Creek Subdivision for 21 years, North Naperville for 41, and are lifetime residents of DuPage County.

When Bill and Mary are not working, they enjoy cheering on their grandchildren in local activities, working in the garden, and sponsoring community groups, particularly 360 Youth Services. Their support of the organization–which provides substance abuse counseling, education, and housing–was recognized in March 2019 with the opportunity to ride on a Mardi Gras parade float. “Remember, Karma…” is something Mary can often be heard saying because it is a driving principle of their business.

The final principle of their business was discovered during one of the couple’s trips to Ireland. In Ireland, when a contract is pending, a “Sale Agreed®” sign is used. The sentiment behind Sale Agreed® perfectly indicates the level of service and excitement Bill and Mary feel for each and every client.